Stone Valley Partners



Who we are at the core

Stone Valley Partners is part Engineering, Business Development, Deal Making Team and Financier.

At Stone Valley Partners, our focus is to discover, foster, solidify, build up and spin out great companies. The core of our vision is based on a unique blend of experience, expertise, and knowledge which when combined accelerates the assurance of success. Having participated in more then 30 companies, our unique vantage point allows us to pull together individual components and rapidly accelerate the growth trajectory.

We believe that with the right team, mentoring, engineering support and capital we can help invent, build and accelerate companies.We have done this before. We bring 20+ years of successful building, inventing, investing, growing and exiting of companies to the table.

We help the founders get to commercial launch faster, more efficiently, with less overall capital. We engage in companies that can all help each other, the synergistic investment approach works and allows all of the companies that we are involved with the opportunity to help each other.

​With this management approach we can deliver results that increase shareholder value, get to and grow revenue.

A partner for success

The Team

The strength of Stone Valley Partners is in the make up of our team. We have seasoned executives, each with more than 20 years of experience gathering funding, building technology, and executing exit strategies in the U.S. and abroad. 

The collective accomplishments of our technical staff include multiple technology patents, Ph.D. degrees, and a Technical and Engineering Emmy Award for mobile video. Our product team has worked all over the Bay Area, defining in-house learning solutions for Silicon Valley technology giants, as well as bringing consumer video and social apps to market for small start ups and wireless carriers.

All of us understand what it takes to build a tier one, high availability platform for heavy consumer usage, and each of us has worked in a different capacity to directly support our customers’ and partners’ objectives. Our experience inventing and realizing audio/video solutions gives us an exceptional advantage when building products for today's market. Together we know how to make big ideas real.